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SALE Pools of Color Cloisonné Enameled Copper Art Plate

$250.00 $390.00

The Pools of Color decorative art plate handcrafted by metals artist Holly J Carter is made of vitreous glass enamel on copper with fine silver Cloisonné.

It is an abstract ameba pattern of transparent orange, yellow, blue, dark purple, burgundy, and green on a foundation of white speckled with sea foam.

Sold with black wood stand.

Overall Dimensions: 7 1/8” diameter

Types of Metals

Brass - An Alloy of Copper and Zinc in various percentages.

Bronze - An alloy of Copper and Tin, although sometimes alloyed with zinc as well as small amount of other metals.

Holly J. Carter uses various alloys of Bronze depending on the piece. 90% Copper and 10% Tin is typically used by Holly for Bronze used in some Jewelry pieces.

Copper - Pure Metal Element

Fine Silver - 99.9% Pure Silver

Gold - Various Karats and alloys mixed with pure gold.

Nickle Silver - The use of the word 'silver' is a misnomer, does not contain silver at all.

The alloy Holly uses is 65% Copper, 18% Nickle, and 17% Zinc.

Shibuichi - Meaning one-fourth in Japanese. An alloy of Copper and Silver, used to create a variety of colors and patinas.

Typically 75% copper and 25% Silver.

Sterling Silver - Traditionally an alloy of 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Copper, although there are new alloy mix variations available today.




Cuttlefish Casting

Fabrication - The construction of metal objects using various methods of cutting, shaping, bending, soldering, and/or fastening. Wikipedia has a great definition here.

Marriage of Metals - Combining two different metals as if they are one, usually using fabrication/soldering methods.


Vitreous Glass Enameling

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Dimensions & Sizes are provided for all products.
Please measure to be sure that it will fit!

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